The current Government of Bangladesh has taken a timely step to empower Bangladesh and people of Bangladesh digitally with the slogan of Digital Bangladesh. This slogan and ensuing activities of government has engraved a vision of technologically advanced and empowered society of future in the minds of millions of Bangladeshi people. Through initiatives from the highest points of government, public sector automation projects, awareness campaigns and technology enhancement in public sectors, this had created a tremendous enthusiasm among the Bangladeshis specially the young generation who are bristling with energy and innovation to carry Bangladesh along the footsteps of developed nations and further more.

Being one of the largest System Integrators in Bangladesh, Spectrum has been working along with Government in this journey towards an exciting future with its proven experience. The major contribution of Spectrum was to perform some KPI Implementations like Customs Automation, Certified National Data Center, country wide Infrastructure for Bangladesh Railway, Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BDREN) project with Euro-Asia Network, Citizen Service (HEMIS – Higher Education Management and Information System) and Audit Monitoring and Management System (AMMS).

Empowerment of the people, transparency and accountability, human resource development, poverty alleviation and economic growth will be ensured as people will receive better, faster public services and have access to all kinds of public information once the Digital Bangladesh initiative reaches its full potential.

Spectrum wishes to carry this journey forward with more and more successful projects through its innovation and technology for the betterment of people of Bangladesh.

“Spectrum implemented Audit Management and Monitoring System for the Office of Comptroller General of Bangladesh. The system, rolled out in all directorates, brings in the transparency and key to information access in public expenditure and financial governance. Spectrum is currently implementing the same Automation Project NAMS (Nepal Audit Management System) in partnership with Cowater Canada for Nepal Government.”

Our Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Public Infrastructure:Rapid urbanization and diffusion of technology has created a huge need for better management and delivery of civic services, planned development of cities through optimized technology infrastructure, integrated transportation and traffic systems, management of country-wide area network and data center.
  • Citizen Services:Affordable and anywhere access to public services required by citizens routinely, with real-time information availability and 24×7 paperless service delivery.
  • Revenue and Taxation:Integration of revenue, taxation and financial management on a single platform. This helps increase tax revenues through effective tax administration, perform a variety of financial management activities including budget preparation, and achieve rigorous fiscal discipline


spectrum_benifiteIncreased accessibility: We increase the accessibility and affordability of public services with our workflow-driven processes and cloud-enabled solutions.
Improved transparency and accountability: We automate complex processes and ensure access to real time information to various stakeholders.
Enhanced change management: We manage changes effectively and efficiently leveraging our processes rigorously, coupled with our expertise in government domains and innovation models.
Information security enforcement: Our solutions ensure end to end security of government and personal data through multiple technologies including digital certificates, biometrics, data encryption and access level authorization.

Relevant Case Studies

Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC)

Tier 3 National Data Center of Bangladesh
A Stepping Stone to Achieve Digital Bangladesh Dream
Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) is a statutory autonomous government organization. It evolved as the ICT department of the government and is mainly responsible for helping the government in policy formulation, developing and implementing action plans to increase the use of ICT within the government departments and also among the citizens.
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Bangladesh Railway Reform

Bangladesh Railway (BR), the principle transportation agency of the country, is a Government-owned and Government-managed organization. BR serves more than 50 million passengers yearly and carries 4,000 metric tons of goods daily across 2,855 kilometers of railway tracks within Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh Research and Education Network

University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, on behalf of the Ministry of Education (MoE), is currently implementing the Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN) under HEQEP (Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project) with assistance from World Bank.

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