IP/SDH/DWDM: Traditionally telecom industry had been capitalizing on user’s urge to talk over phone. The telecom companies depended heavily on generating revenue from voice communication which started shifting heavily towards revenue from data. The transformation is occurred due to enormous growth in mobile app usage, internet communication and social media usage hike. As the tendency of telecom companies is moving towards getting more revenue from data the traditional IP network with SDH and DWDM network are becoming a must have in the RFP.

Though this transformation costs higher CAPEX for operators in establishing such network additional to telecom network but in the end it is helping them to keep up with the customer demand of using data more than before.

Spectrum fits into partnering with major telecom companies in Bangladesh to establish such IP network as being one of the very few IT companies in the country who has years of experience and skill in deploying IP, SDH and DWDM networks.

Rollout Controller:  As the competition gets tougher in the telecom industry most operators tend to expand their network with minimum cost possible and with proper optimization and efficiency. While expanding company like Robi had to make sure its revenue and profit  stream through customer retention, new customer acquisition, network upgrade, equipment swapping, sometimes vendor switching, outsourcing and new value added services at all the time to maintain ARPU as much as possible.

Spectrum consults operators to design sophisticated workflow system that is dynamically configurable by both business and technical team.

“80% of Bangladesh base stations run on Spectrum’s ROC solutions successfully”

Real Time Telecom Billing: With today’s Web 2.0 services, mobile consumers use their phones to do much more than make phone calls. For example, they are downloading music and video, sending messages, and buying products and services. Before consumers use these services, however, they need to know – on the spot – the price and their ability to purchase. By managing the entire charging and authorization function, Spectrum UniVerge enables operators to provide that information instantly.

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