“Spectrum helps Organizations across multiple verticals with big data solution for their data analysis and visualization in real time as the data gets generated. We excel in designing and developing real time analytics solution with or without a traditional data warehouse and offline analytics platform.”

Business needs are shifting fast from a traditional approach of long cycle Data Warehouse -> ETL -> BI package implementations towards lean and real time (or soft real time) Business Analytics approach. Rapid maturity in in-memory computing, large distributed in-memory cache stores and distributed online large data handling algorithms has made it possible. The nature of Analytics is increasingly becoming more real time with shortened timeframes between creation of Data, Analysis of Data, innovative and intuitive visualization of Data and Analytics, and taking Business Decisions based on that.

We have a deep track record and expertise on this type of new wave “Real-time Business Analytics Accelerators” that integrates Data Capture, Analysis & Modeling, and Prediction based on observed trends, state of the art visualization of Analytics/trends to create a “Real time monitor” for Leading Indicators of Business. We design and build scalable solutions that are capable of handling massive amounts of data from variety of Data sources including transactional systems, Application Logs, Social Media sources, Data Warehouses, and Network Data or even transient on-the-wire data events.

Due to our deep experience in Financial, Communications and Public services domains, through such solutions we offer our clients best of the breed domain specific Business Analytics, pre-built domain information Models, domain tuned complex Statistical, Math and Neural Network models, state of the art visualizations all that are pre-built into the Solution.

What Spectrum Provides

  • Unified platform for real time and offline traditional analytics

    • Real time event acquisition, processing and analytics
    • Offline event/data acquisition, processing and analytics
  • Unified integration for sourcing of data

    • Databases, file systems
    • Synchronous and/or asynchronous integration with foreign data generating sources
    • Real time event pipes
  • Unified technology stack

    • In memory storage and processing
    • Clustering, failover, load balancing, data/event partitioning
    • Big data computation
    • Real time visualization, triggers, analysis
    • Comprehensive database management services

Business Value

Customers in telecom, financial and media sector more often than not find themselves in information lag – they need some information dug down from the events around them occurring just now. This can be simple stats of things happening around or as complex as triggering a multistep automated workflow based on a real time event. This is where we offer extensive business value in need analysis, architecting, designing, building and supporting such systems. The value Spectrum offers in real time analytics and high performance computing are outlined as

  • Need analysis of real time analytics

    • What needs to be tracked and trapped
    • What needs to be triggered
    • What needs to be pushed to decision makers
  • Architecture of a solution capable of high performance computing

    • Data/event partitioning
    • Platform and technology selection
    • Tool selection and make or buy decision making
  • Design and implementation of real time analytics system

    • Data acquisition
    • Data integration
    • Data modeling
    • Business rules engine
    • Triggering and presentation engine
    • Feedback loop to business processes and operational systems
  • Support and continuous improvement

    • Technology upgrade/migration with zero downtime
Relevant Case Studies