“Spectrum helps Organizations across multiple verticals with big data solution for their data analysis and visualization in real time as the data gets generated. We excel in designing and developing real time analytics solution with or without a traditional data warehouse and offline analytics platform.”

Organizations in any vertical need timely, in-depth insights into their operation if they are to remain competitive in the market they operate. These insights can result from a better and highly structured way of accessing, organizing and interpreting information the organization generate or accumulates

Over the years Business Intelligence has transformed from being able to integrate data and create reports and dashboards to an organization wide key information system for enabling


seamless information access and translate that access to a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We partner with our customers to advice, build and co-manage an effective BI implementation strategy coupled with a sustainable cost effective execution model.
Business intelligence can be a powerful resource for organizations- but it can also become a challenge to plan, manage and maintain it internally. The availability of these advanced skills has become increasingly important for businesses that depend on insight from the business intelligence tools and data warehouse platforms to improve customer acquisition and retention, reduce operational costs, shorten product time-to-market and more.

What Spectrum Provides

  • BI Assessment and Planning

    • BI strategy/roadmap establishment advisory services
    • BI scoping and requirement analysis services
    • BI tools and technology evaluation and benchmarking services
  • BI Architecture and rationalization

    • BI data architecture services
    • BI process architecture services
  • BI Implementation

    • Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Architecting, Data Mart Consolidation, Data Quality Management, Dashboard Management, Metadata Management
    • Data integration and acquisition processing (ETL/ELT)
    • Expert BI application development and maintenance including report creation, ad-hoc query development or analytical modeling and integration enhancements for new data sources
    • Training and knowledge management
  • BI Management and Support

    • Day-to-day technical support and performance management of DW and BI systems
    • Management of upgrades, backups and patches
    • Remote or onsite operation for uninterrupted BI application server availability
    • Comprehensive database management services

Business Value

Customers in telecom, financial and media sector more often than not find themselves in information lag – they need some information dug down from the events around them occurring just now. This can be simple stats of things happening around or as complex as triggering a multistep automated workflow based on a real time event. This is where we offer extensive business value in need analysis, architecting, designing, building and supporting such systems. The value Spectrum offers in real time analytics and high performance computing are outlined as

  • Strategic BI Projects aligned to Business Strategy
  • Adaption to business process changes through business intelligence and planning
  • Enable faster and fact-based decision making
  • Reusable frameworks and components
  • Lower costs for BI tools and processes
Relevant Case Studies