In this competitive business environment, companies of all industries have to have clear visibility into their supply chains, drive down costs, design relevant products and get their products to the market faster. To gain business intelligence that informs smart business decisions they must aim to capture and analyze enterprise data in real-time . And they will need to give their customers, employees and partners fast, convenient access to real-time information—anytime, anywhere, using any device.

To enable such enterprise agility, you must transform and renew your legacy ERP applications and integrate them with modern ERP innovations—establishing a highly agile ERP platform that supports modern business demands.

“Spectrum helps Organizations across multiple verticals with big data solution for their data analysis and visualization in real time as the data gets generated. We excel in designing and developing real time analytics solution with or without a traditional data warehouse and offline analytics platform.”

Business Value

Spectrum had implemented numerous complex legacy ERP systems across every industry vertical around the world, helping its customers keep several steps ahead of the competition. One of the largest ERP implementation in the country was done by Spectrum for Partex which included 28 factories and 9 business verticals.

By using proven methods to modernize and transform your legacy ERP environment, we will:

  • Streamline and harmonize your ERP business processes to improve performance, agility and efficiency and reduce burdensome maintenance costs.
  • Significantly enhance the functionality and productivity of your ERP systems, improving ROI as we unlock legacy data and make it available to stakeholders across the enterprise.
  • Simplify and integrate your ERP platform to enable you to seamlessly adopt modern technologies, such as social media and mobile devices, giving customers, employees and partners access to real-time information anytime and anywhere.
Relevant Case Studies